Great Lakes (MI, WI, NY, PA, Canada) - Large Wood Map

  • $298.00

The Great Lakes form the largest group of freshwater lakes in the world.  Known for fishing, boating, and majestic shorelines, the rough waters can often appear like the sea.  Around 2,000 boats have been shipwrecked in these waters.

Prominent features on the wood chart include:

Lake Michigan
Lake Huron
Lake Erie
Lake Ontario
Lake Superior
Surrounding States
and more


Dimensions: 24.5”h x 31”w

Construction Methods and Materials: Laser etched and cut Baltic birch wood chart, hand stained and hand assembled

Frame: Dark stained wood with a flat molding profile (7/8” wide x 1- 7/8” thick), acrylic protective layer
Mounting: Ready-to-hang with mounting hardware and instructions attached to the back

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